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  1. treengyn

    Getting my bird to like Head Scritches!! Help

    Hi! I’ve had an Indian Ringneck Parrot for 6 months now, i’ve tamed her a bit but she doesn’t let me give her head scratches and I really want to figure out how to train her to like it. She often lets me kiss her, and she likes to go on my shoulder, but she is still scared of my finger and...
  2. WallyCockatiel

    Grab Training?

    I have a 7.5 month old male cockatiel and I was wondering.. How do you train them to be calf when you hold them? I've seen this video (link below) of someone holding his parrot and I thought... How does he do that? So I thought why not ask you guys because I don't really know how. Is there any...
  3. Whoviana

    Rolling and Wrestling

    Sadly, no pictures, but.... I have read quite a few people talk about wrestling with their birds and I wanted to see if Sunflower liked it. The first few times I tried, her beak was too sharp, but today, she got the hang of not piercing my flesh. She was rolling around upside down, sliding...