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  1. AussieBird

    Pictures Chicken pics

    Haven't been up to posting much about my chickens, so here's some pictures I took recently. Henry is such a poser :xflove:
  2. C

    Corynebacterium falsenii in a rooster

    I have a not-even-a-year-old white leghorn rooster who has white discharge from the corner of his beak - when it dries it kinda looks like dried glue. He's been tested and they found "corynebacterium falsenii" and "klebsiella pneumoniae" and he's on his second round of anti-biotics because the...
  3. Saffronic

    Emergency: needing to Rehome a Rooster

    Hello. I posted here in this forum once and been meaning to do more for a while, unfortunately I'm coming here with this instead. I apologize. This is an emergency rehoming for one of our roosters. His name is Aleman, he's a Longhorn Rooster which my mother adopted from Tractor Supply last year...