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  1. flyzipper

    Parrots love playing tablet games. That’s helping researchers understand them (Article)

    New research from Rébecca Kleinberger’s lab at Northeastern University delves deep into the data on how parrots use touchscreen devices, with the help of a bespoke gaming app. https://news.northeastern.edu/2024/03/20/parrots-playing-tablet-games/
  2. flyzipper

    Scientists discover wild baby parrots babble like human babies (article)

    Some interesting (to me) research that involved wild green-rumped parrotlets... Researchers have discovered that baby parrots babble to themselves, much like human babies do. The parrots aren't just saying the avian equivalent of goo-goo-ga-ga. Instead, they're repeating back the bird sounds...
  3. flyzipper

    Coevolution of relative brain size and life expectancy in parrots (research article)

    I like big brains and I can not lie... Abstract Previous studies have demonstrated a correlation between longevity and brain size in a variety of taxa. Little research has been devoted to understanding this link in parrots; yet parrots are well-known for both their exceptionally long lives and...
  4. flyzipper

    Why a cockatoo trick in Australia has scientists enthralled

    I would have thought the basic behaviour of birds teaching their young to forage (among other things) would be an example of social learning, but this specific example made headlines. Scientists have documented examples of social learning in birds, and the spread of a trick to open trash bins...
  5. flyzipper

    Researchers call on public to help identify what’s killing lorikeets

    For our Australian members. Lorikeets in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland are becoming paralysed, often resulting in death. Scientists are beginning to discover why - but need your help. (source)
  6. Chris1234

    Hello from Taz! And a quick question for everyone...

    Hi guys! I was hoping you could do me a quick favor and answer a question for an article I'm writing. I'd really appreciate it! (cross-posted)