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red bellied parrots

  1. M

    Doubt about behaviour

    Hey, I just for a 6 months old male red bellied parrot yesterday and am trying to make friends. He was tame at the breeder and does not Seem particular scared in his new home. He is eating in front of me and calls when i am not in the room with him. My question is: I have tried to offer him...
  2. C

    Sharing a happy story

    Hello All, I am new here, and signed up to connect with individuals who may have experienced the same thing as I have with my precious little birdy. Or, those in general living with a disabled bird. I have a Red Bellied Parrot, her name is Beelzebub (Beelzies or short). Believe me, the name...
  3. achgo

    plucking or molting?

    hey everyone! I’m new to owning a parrot, I’ve had my red belly for almost 5 months now. he’s recently been losing his orange feathers a little bit, and I’m not sure if he’s molting or if he’s been plucking? I’m worried that he might be ill but he’s been normal, just taking a few more naps...
  4. AkasyaEllric

    Red Bellied Pair for Rehome

    I heard about a red bellied pair out in Huntingdon, PA. I reached out since I have a poi loving heart and found out some info. They're not tame, 3 years old, one male, one female, bonded. They are asking $325 for one or $600 for the pair. Reach out to Paws Beaks and Claws if interested.
  5. V

    Asking for advice with a very skittish parrot

    I'm having a lot of difficulty with my Red Bellied Parrot. She is very afraid of things, prone to biting, flies around the room at any sudden movement or loud noise, and as a result, spends most of her time in her cage. Recently we just built her a little Parrot gym but she was very afraid of it...
  6. jeansie1988

    Canadian red bellied parrots!!

    Hi everyone! I am trying to find a red bellied Parrot in Canada. Does anyone know of any current breeders or rescues that have any? I do live in Ontario so if outside of my area the bird would have to be shipped. ( not sure of the process of this as I have never done this way before). Thanks...