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recall flight training

  1. Maple_tiel

    Help with recall flight training for clipped cockatiel

    I’m not entirely sure where to post this thread, but I figure here is probably the best place. My cockatiel is clipped, I don’t have a say, I live with my father who wants him clipped and I’m not in a position to move out. I do however want him to be flighted when I move out. So my question...
  2. A

    Cockatiel hissing

    I have a 4-5 weeks old cockatiel,and i noticed that she is still struggling to walk properly. Im currently trying to start our recall training and I find it hard to do that since walking is a bit hard for her. is this normal for her age? because im not that experienced when it comes to cockatiel...
  3. Reggie

    Exciting Announcement!

    It wasn't my wisest decision (and it'll never happen again), but I purchased a budgie from a chain pet store in Colorado. He was the last bird I purchased from a pet store (and will remain the last), but a very good purchase. He was very active and vocal, had clear eyes and a smooth cere, and...