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  1. R

    Rehoming my Tiel

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and have come here looking for some guidance. I fear it is time to re-home my cockatiel but I want to make sure it is the best decision for her. I have had my cockatiel since she was a 3 month old chick and I while I love her very much, I feel like she could...
  2. Nostromo

    Pictures Meet Zephyr, Our Re-Homed Pionus!

    Hi everybody! Yesterday we brought home Zephyr, a sweet 8 year old female blue-head who was needing a new home after her former owners gave her up due to health concerns (theirs, not hers). She is our first bird! She appears to be a very sweet, tame, well looked after young lady. We're so, so...
  3. M

    Pictures Rehoming my lovebird

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here and it's a sad one. My lovebird can no longer stay with me. It pains me to say that I need to rehome her. My lovebird is amazing. She hatched on November 1st 2015. She is so active and she loves to be around people. She is a black - masked lovebird...
  4. Parakeet88

    Weird feelings/ depression about new GCC???

    Hey everyone, I know its long but I would really appreciate any help/advice or hearing if any ones been in a similar situation. Thanks in advance. :what: I bought a GCC Sunday the 12th and I have more mixed feelings about it than I was expecting. I have wanted a conure for years but when I...
  5. C

    Pictures White Belly Caique needs new home.

    We have a male, 12 year-old, White Belly Caique that needs a new home. His name is Melon and he loves people, play time, and bananas. He comes with a large cage and a travel cage, along with all accessories and toys. We are accepting reasonable offers for a rehoming fee. Mainly, we want to...
  6. Tyler_G

    Need a home for my GCC

    I have a young (1.5 yrs) unsexed GCC named Ollie that needs a new loving home. His companion GCC recently passed away and he needs to be at a home with another bird(s) as a companion. He has spent his whole life with my other bird and that along with our very prey driven dog has led me to the...