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  1. N

    Pyrrhura chimera

    Got a load of young greencheeks and noticed this one was different. It looks like a bizarre mix between the yellow sided and the pineapple high red mutations. Thoughts?
  2. Bobette

    Buddy for my cockatiel

    Hey there everyone! I'm super new to this site so excuse me if I am doing this the wrong way, but I own a cockatiel who is now approx. 16 years old (my boyfriend got him at a market without remembering when). Every since we took him into our own home permanently after the cockatiel had been...
  3. Paintz

    Hello! I'm new here

    Hello! I'm a trans boy, 18, don't really have a name picked out, but you can call me graham. I own a yellow-sided green cheek conure named marzipan who is a little older than a year now--he's my ESA who goes on trips with me. He's very sweet. the only person he doesn't like is my sister lol...