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  1. FeatheredM

    What was the hardest

    I'm sure there will be interesting results
  2. FeatheredM

    Poll!! Is your bird crazy

    I'm very curious
  3. lisazartsi

    Flighted vs. Trimmed

    Hi friends! Posting a poll wondering if your bird's flight feathers are grown in or trimmed. I'd love to hear the reasoning for either side and to hear a little bit about your feather babies :) My little one (Piña) was trimmed when I got her a couple weeks ago. I'm wondering what the...
  4. BirdLady13

    Daily Maintenance Diet

    Please vote on which brand(s) of pellets you feed your birds!
  5. Chris1234

    Hello from Taz! And a quick question for everyone...

    Hi guys! I was hoping you could do me a quick favor and answer a question for an article I'm writing. I'd really appreciate it! (cross-posted)