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  1. ZY28

    Are all species of letuce safe for parrots?

    Hi there, So I just grew some lettuce in my garden from seeds I bought from the grocery store. It was a lettuce seed mix with a variety of lettuce. I was wondering if it would be safe to feed it to my bird? Thanks!
  2. England

    What's made from zince

    My avian vet left Need some help they want me to get her calcium levels up before treating metal Poison (zince) what could it be that gave it to her thanks guys
  3. S

    Urgent Mockingbird: not moving, blank stare

    There's a mockingbird in our backyard that barely moves. It'll sit in one place for quite a long time staring blankly into the distance. If we approach it, it snaps out of it when we get close and scampers off. But then it'll resume just sitting there. I suspect that it's sick but don't know if...
  4. Beebleburb

    Urgent How long do symptoms of poisoning take to appeat?

    moved to diffrent forum sorry I am new I dont know how everyting works yet
  5. hrafn

    Is there a house paint that's safer for the fids?

    I want to repaint the Old World bird room because the current grey-blue makes it look small and dark, and I'm wondering about the safety of painting in the house with the birds here. Obviously Kraz and Kamara would be temporarily moved into another room while the paint is being applied and as it...
  6. Arsantiago41

    Urgent Heavy Metal Poisoning - Please help!

    Hello all thank you for reading and responding to my post. It is truly appreciated. Unfortunately two days ago my little baby Lovebird, kiwi, was feeling sick and we quickly realized it was heavy Metal Poisoning. Fortunately we brought him to the vet immediately after we recognized his symptoms...