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  1. augustus7

    Imping for severely clipped bird who is plucking as a result of no flight.

    Hi! i just joined this forum looking for potential opinions/ answers on this topic. My rescue lovebird's previous owners cut their wings so stupid short that he/she hasn't molted a single primary since we got him. He/she watches my other birds fly around the bird room and house and just stands...
  2. C

    Plucking grey

    Hi my african grey is a 20 year old rescue and she is plucking like crazy, i give her toys to shred and i socialize her as much as i can and she gets a balanced diet, do you have any tips?
  3. Littlelovebird

    Scratching and destroying feathers

    Hi guys! I have a hen lovebird and she scratches feathers near her eye and beak so bad that she ends up with a bald spot. At first we thought it was a molt and then we realized her nails were too sharp. Because of covid the service for trimming nails was closed at our oet store so we waited too...