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  1. Hoshi

    Looking for Safe Houseplants to use as Live Perches!

    Just to give you some background: My bird just turned 1 and is getting more and more curious by the day. I have always had a good size perch and several toys on top of his cage, and he would contently play on top of the cage (I have him out all day when I'm at the house). Recently he's been...
  2. kifird

    Is this plant safe for my budgie?

    Recently my mom just received this massive plant that my bird is having loads of fun in, but I keep him away from it due to my concerns on him chewing on it being toxic. I want my bird to have some fun in the plant to stay active, but me and her don't even know what species the plant is. We...
  3. Zoepr143

    Pictures Toxic plant...maybe?

    i have this plant in the same room as the flock next to their cage, they haven’t shown any interest in it but i would like to know if it is dangerous for them. Does anyone know the name of it?