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  1. imchives

    Pictures Mac becomes an iPhone!

    Mac decided he would become a handheld bird today, no longer wasting energy on perching and fully portable XD After a really good head scratch session with my hand over him, he decided to let go and curl up in my palm for even more head scratches. I swear this bird is such a nut, but he’s my...
  2. April

    Tobias loves his Flagstone perch!

    I recently snagged 3 of these wonderful perches from @Macawnutz 's store and Tobias and I couldn't be happier with them. I have the biggest one in his cage where he loves to chew his balsa tie on and spends a decent amount of his time and the second biggest one is on the outside by the door so...
  3. dandruff

    Drop any photos you have of your birds!

    I'm in the mood to see pictures of cute birds (like always), so use this thread as a photodump for all of your bird pictures :)
  4. medibirds

    2 birbs on 1 swing

    i walked over to the kitchen to grab a snack and i see aspen and stormy chilling on the swing.
  5. Ashtyn Mccoy


    recently jupiter has been making progress! his feathers are growing back and so now he will fly to me and my boyfriend. every time i'm laying in bed he flies to my head and picks at my shirt! :bounce4: anyways this is him in his big boy stance
  6. Ashtyn Mccoy

    cockatiel fun

    if you've seen my recent thread my cockatiel is coming around thanks to all yalls help! today my boyfriend and i were painting and he flew in front of us to see what we were doing and even got on our shoulders :)
  7. A

    Help .. how to determine a green Quaker from a green opaline

    Hey guys I am purchasing a Quaker for the first time from a breeder who has many many birds. I orginal was going to get a regular green Quaker until I found out she also has a green opaline ... how can I tell the difference between the two not ever seeing a green opaline in person before.. she...
  8. Parakeet88


    Hey everyone! please check out all the amazing photos being voted on for the calendar, there aren't many votes yet! :cheer:
  9. Sylvi_

    Mimi isn't fond of the camera.

    Couldn't resist taking some cute pictures of my girl playing about, but Mimi wasn't happy about this :roflmao: She slowly realized she was being photographed. :hehe: This gem was the result :p