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  1. M

    Leaving flight cage (w/out birds) on covered screened porch permanently?

    I was thinking of putting a double wide flight cage (regular cage, not built for outdoors) on my screened in porch/lanai (has roof, located in FL) and bringing the birds out to that cage for supervised play time. My question is: if I roll the cage in towards the house wall/slider door when not...
  2. Z

    Pesticide and birds?

    My mom had been planning on spraying pesticide because of ants coming out due to the summer for a while now. I have tried to convince her to try other methods instead, but since ants still crawled out of nowhere after wiping the entire house clean with some baking soda and vinegar mix, she...
  3. Budgiebabymama

    Pictures Lost budgie outdoors 4th day HELP PLEASE

    Desperate for ANY HELP or advice will do all we can. My husband and I gave had Jojo since June--he was born in April. Got him from the local Pet Supplies Plus-- long story short, we are absolutely in love. We have built our life around him, he has the run of our home and he loves us both. If one...
  4. Budgiebabymama

    Lost budgie outdoors 4th day HELP PLEASE

    I'm very sorry this is so long! It's my first post here. :( I've been wanting to be here and some other sites but time etc. ANYWAY. PLEASE please read and comment..tag others who may know?! We love our baby so much! Desperate for ANY HELP or advice will do all we can. My husband and I gave had...
  5. FlockofFive

    How to take your birds on a walk and drive!!

    We think taking your birds out for a walk and a nice drive around town is a great way to socialize and get some much needed vitamin D! It is also a great bonding opportunity and family fun as long as it is done with safety in mind! Here are some things we recommend:
  6. Atomiklan

    Crazy question

    Getting ready to go on a kayak trip and since I now constantly have parrots on the brain, I always think about my typical past life, but what that might look like in the future + parrots. Has anyone ever taken their fid kayaking (flat lake type, not white water)? Seems like the potential for a...
  7. cherrytea

    Summer porch sitting

    In the summer, we love to sit on our porch and watch the neighbourhood go by. So I was delighted to learn that pekoe could join us (in her cage) and get a little fresh air and sunshine. So question: when do you start bringing your bird outside? What temperature should we wait for?
  8. Riptide Queen

    Melon's first hiking adventure

    Photos of Melon on her hiking adventure!! She gave a lot of hikers smiles!! She has some of her food and I hadwater for her too!! I needed to go away from the city for a bit and get a peace of moment due to certain events this week. I decided to go hiking and brought Melon along.
  9. 100years

    Aviary/greenhouse: advice?

    Hi I'm new to the forum, but I do lurk on occasion, as I constantly try to make sure I'm doing the best by my little lovebirds at all times. I'm a fairly new owner; I inherited 2 peach-faced lovebirds in January 2012 when my father's girlfriend died. She was a smoker and kept them in a small...
  10. frogfoot

    Harness alternative

    I currently use an Aviator Harness for Ruby. Training went well for the most part, we took it step by step as suggested. Recently, my sister babysat her and tried to roughly get her in the harness, and now she has all these bad memories with the harness and won't tolerate it anymore. Anyway I...