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  1. donutweall

    Slow to change iris color

    Just passed our first year "gotcha" date for miss Potato. She still had some faintly visible barring on her head when I got her, so she's not too much older than a year, but her iris has been slow to change color. You can see a faintly gray ring in bright light, but it usually looks black. Is...
  2. A

    Help .. how to determine a green Quaker from a green opaline

    Hey guys I am purchasing a Quaker for the first time from a breeder who has many many birds. I orginal was going to get a regular green Quaker until I found out she also has a green opaline ... how can I tell the difference between the two not ever seeing a green opaline in person before.. she...
  3. Jenniferz7

    Hi Peeps!

    Hi, my name is Jennifer. Mommy to a beautiful Opaline lovebird named Mango. He/She is 2 months old.. And i am absolutely in LOVE with my tiny parrot!! If you're wondering what "opaline" is... it's a very new mutation in peach-face lovebirds which means that after 6-months of birth instead of...
  4. Nightingale

    Baby lovebird mutation??

    My baby peachface lovebird is 4.5 weeks old, but I searched everywhere but cannot find what his mutation is. Can anyone help me? Mother is dutch blue. Father is Green Opaline.