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  1. Photon

    Playing rough and nipping

    I need some help with my pineapple GC. We have had him for about 6 months and rescued him (from our backyard, no knowledge of previous owner or age/gender to be certain). From what the vet says and based on what he looked and acted like when we found him, he was most likely 5 months - 1 year...
  2. C

    Bonded bitey baby?

    Hey guys! We're new proud rose crown conure parents! He's such a cute guy, was really well behaved in the pet store, sitting so well on my shoulder AND finger. Now at home he's a pretty rough biter? He's picked me to be his absolute favourite tree! Sitting on my shoulder calmy and grooming my...
  3. Littlelovebird

    Weaning - Biting - Clicker training?

    Hi everyone! I have a beautiful baby lovebird of nearly 3 months now. I got her about a month ago when she was about 7 weeks or so. Yes this was young. And yes she is not entirely weaned yet. Still on formula 1X a day. We went from 2-3 times a day to one. She has been going back to 2X and...
  4. keirieski17

    Grumpy female budgie

    Ella has been very grouchy as of late! She was doing very well with coming out of her cage and stepping up, but now if I try to touch her she bites me. She also doesn’t want to come out at all. I leave the door open but she just stays on her perch. Is she just feeling hormonal? Her cere tends to...
  5. Naomi1295

    Nervous Conure?

    Hello everyone! Zelda is doing great! She's only nibbled too hard a handful of times in the past few days, and most of the time is was my fault for not reading her mood correctly. I now have a question about something else! Zelda absolutely LOVES all the attention she can get. If she's...
  6. Rivka

    sun conure nippy

    Hi my sun conure is 6 months and she’s very friendly but she bites me a lot on my fingers, ears and neck. A lot of times it really hurts when she bites. She loves chewing on wood and her toys but I don’t know what the deal with her chewing on me is. How can I make her stop? I know not to yell...
  7. Good_birdy

    Mixed signals?

    Hi everyone! I've had my adorable yellowside green cheek conure for about 2 weeks. She's about 5 months. She warmed up to myself and my boyfriend at about the 4-5 day mark of having her. She hesitates or refuses to step up a lot, but I usually use treats to convince her to and she complies...