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  1. Nicole Bred

    Night Terrors??

    Hello, I am posting here to get some information! I thought that putting a blanket over my babies cage would help him with night terrors, but he just had his first one tonight. I went out to take care of him and calm him down and then took the blanket off and left a nightlight for him. So i...
  2. Kiwiscremsong

    Cockatiel Night Frights

    Hi my cockatiel Kiwi had a night fright last night he is ok and lost 2featherss but is fine now. Is there any way to help him not get night frights or decrease the chances of him getting a night fright? Thanks!:tieln::tiel::tiel3::tiel::coolparrot::tieln::tieln::tieln::tieln:
  3. AmandaFitz

    Night Frights

    Hi all, I have another question regarding budgies. Lately one of my little guys has been experiencing night fights about once or twice a month. I believe it to be the same bird, but it is hard to be certain given that it is obviously dark. I have their cage covered at night with a dimly lit salt...