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  1. Popplizzie

    Noticed something in nare

    Hello! I just noticed something white in my parrots nare and I get anxious any time something isn’t quite right. Can anyone advise me on what it could be and what I should do? Thank you in advance!
  2. Man9oMango

    Urgent Help.. my bird has something inside ome of his nares

    So mango is a sun conure, since yesterday ive noticed one of her nares is swolen (i figured maybe its because of a little scratch, since she’s molting on her head sometimes she scratches them too hard). But today (in the morning) i found out that the swolen nares is plugged/clogged. So i kept on...
  3. M

    Dark ring around nares?

    I noticed this darkness around Rainbow’s nares the other day and was wondering if I should be concerned. I live in humid Florida and take her into the shower as well as keep her room always at a pleasant temperature. I know birds are super good at hiding when they don’t feel good which is why I...