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nares discharge

  1. ZY28

    Urgent Bird sneezing attack and clear discharge

    Hi, I already made an appointment with my vet for this issue. The earliest spot they had available is next Tuesday, so I just wanted to know if there is anything I could do in the meantime other than monitor him. So my green cheek, Pax, has been having those "sneezing attacks" where he would...
  2. Man9oMango

    Urgent Help.. my bird has something inside ome of his nares

    So mango is a sun conure, since yesterday ive noticed one of her nares is swolen (i figured maybe its because of a little scratch, since she’s molting on her head sometimes she scratches them too hard). But today (in the morning) i found out that the swolen nares is plugged/clogged. So i kept on...