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  1. Luvbirds

    NEW BORNS Name Suggestions

    Hello my fellow Bird LOVERS! I have some new borns, any names suggestions that Start with the Letter P ??
  2. bug_inarug

    Help me pick a name scheme!

    When I get my budgies I need a name scheme, help me choose one! If you have any suggestions let me know as well - Plants - Celestial bodies - Colours - Nuts
  3. CarinaMD

    Names and recipes

    Hi guys! My Jagger passed away unexpectedly awhile back, so now im going to ne getting this handsome baby soon. Im looking for name ideas plus ideas on making a mash for him in the morning. Also wondering how much to per portion so i can just take out of the freezer, thaw overnight and serve, as...
  4. Zara

    ✴ Bird Names Thread! ✴

    A thread to post bird names to compile a list for anyone else in need of a nice name for their new feathered companion! Add yours below!! :bliss: Members Suggestions; A Aart / Aarti Abby Acacia Ada Adam Adrastea Aero (of the sky Greek) Agate Agnes, Agnieszka, Agatha Aja Aki / Akiji / Akuji...
  5. BirbFluff

    New budgie! Name suggestions?

    I got this cutie recently and could use some help thinking of unique names. It's hard to see in this picture but he has a yellowish head.
  6. S

    Name ideas pliz?

    Tl;dr version : Name suggestions for either a caique or a parrotlet please <3 Hi guys! I will soon welcome a new member of the family and Im super excited!!! Its gonna be either a caique or a parrotlet. I've read loads about both of them, so Im prepared to welcome them with the best possible...
  7. shasta

    need HELP with name!

    I just bought a 5 month old yellow-sided conure off craigslist and I'm having a really hard time naming he/her. I haven't yet DNA sexed he/her yet so I'm kind of having a hard time coming up with a name that I like. If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.
  8. B

    Budgie Name Help!!!

    So im most likely to get a budgie! although i havent picked one out yet, i would like name suggestions! i like names that go by color for example: blue budgie- cotton or maybe green budgie- kiwi and so on. can you suggest color names? some names to do with color i mean. personality names ill...
  9. MissTee

    Need help naming my new budgie...

    For my birthday my mom bought me a hybrid English Budgie/ parakeet. I need help naming him. He has one eye. The other eye never fully developed. So far I've come up with Teddy or Patchy. Anyone else have any ideas?
  10. AYA

    What's in a name?

    I thought that it might be both interesting and fun to chat about our birds' names and the reasons behind them, 'cause I've seen a lot of cool names around :D For example, our budgie is named Quill because it's a part of a feather and birds sure do have a lot of feathers, and I named my conure...
  11. Sylvi_

    New fid soon!

    So, I've been thinking about getting another parrot for a while. And I've leaned towards a love bird. I finally found the perfect little one! Right now, I have a 'Tiel as well as a GCC. So I'm familiar with birds with big personalities :hehe:. But while I've been around them before, I haven't...