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  1. bug_inarug

    Help me pick a name scheme!

    When I get my budgies I need a name scheme, help me choose one! If you have any suggestions let me know as well - Plants - Celestial bodies - Colours - Nuts
  2. Alesi05

    Name suggestions for this cute lil girl?

    So, I've had this budgie for over a month now, and just found out that she is, in fact, a girl! Now I need to find her a suitable name. She is a cinnamon violet, 5-6 months old, likes to chew on almost everything (my headphones suffered from this) and she even mimics the sound of small kisses...
  3. Queen

    Name help for sun conure

    I'm lost with names We haven't had dna dn confirmed yet so not sure boy or girl His baby name peanut but its not quite a fit Would love some suggestions Looking for something uncommon Hit me with your best names