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name change

  1. alyssanor

    can i rename a 2 year old

    can i rename a 2 year old cockatiel. i am getting him from a home who no longer wants him but im to sure about the name mickey!
  2. hrafn


    She's never, ever said it before! She's always saying everyone else's names and talking to them, but I've never once heard her say either Kamara or Mara, and she just said both in my voice, clear as day! I don't know why, but I'm gonna cry I'm so happy. It's like she's accepted her name! She's...
  3. R

    Make new bird's transition as easy as possible.

    Hi I am finally getting my dreambird after 15 years of wanting one. A Goffin Cockatoo. He lives 7 hours away so we will be meeting halfway. The owner has been looking for the right home for almost two months and I am still in shock that she chose me. I fell in love with cockatood when I was 14...