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  1. Melophile

    How loud is too loud for music?

    First off, this is my first post so I apologize if it's labelled wrong, in the wrong place, etc. Please correct me if it is. Moving on, I have two new lovebirds (new, like, bought yesterday new). I've been playing music for them constantly, and I'm unsure how loud is too loud. It's mostly pop or...
  2. C

    Sun conure biting/screaming when playing instruments. Seeking advice

    Hey everybody! New to this site. My girlfriend and I just adopted a rescue sun conure from the SPCA and we adore her. She is extremely cuddly (especially with me) and loud (to be expected from a sunny). We've had her for about 3 weeks, and one issue I have noticed with her is that she acts very...
  3. Haydenb

    What kind of music do your guys's birds like?

    My GCC LOVES it when I play the electric, acoustic or bass guitar for her and she'll start bobbing her head and saying "dance dance". She especially loves it when I play alternate rock/metal music like Alice In Chains, Tool & Korn but she enjoys all kinds of stuff including Taylor Swift. Are any...
  4. W

    I made music from Parrot videos

    I sampled lots of parrot videos from youtube and made a techno with it. I hope you'll enjoy :)
  5. Zara

    Do your lovebirds like music?

    So recently there was a thread about birds and music ( Music | Avian Avenue Parrot Forum ) .... But I want to put it to the lovebird owners... do your lovies like music? Because I don´t know if mine do or don´t. Lovebirds don´t typically ¨dance¨ or bob along with the music. I´m getting some...
  6. greencheekmax

    Favorite music

    Do your bird/s have some favorite music (genres, singer/band, style, etc etc)? I've been search for a music that Max would sing along/dance with. Some music seems to stress him out (feather flattened the body), so I haven't been very successful.
  7. Whoviana

    What's your bird's favorite music?

    Hi fellow bird parents! I was just wondering what kind of music birds like. Sunflower likes to be sung to, and she seems to enjoy the Disney songs I listen to in the car. My husband says she also enjoys classical music.
  8. Erestyl

    Musical instruments?

    Hey everybody! I have a question. I don't have a bird yet, but I'm about to and I have a few questions. For this thread, my question is, how do parrots like musical instruments? Specifically, I play the piano, violin, viola, ukulele, and harmonica. We also have an acoustic and an electric...
  9. mochiballs

    What songs do your fids enjoy?

    This has probably been posted already, but I'm wondering what songs are your fids always singing and dancing to? Do they like a certain genre? Are there songs they hate? Just wondering. Mochi is currently obsessed with Pillowtalk by Zayn. Maccha loves Can't feel my face by The Weeknd.