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missing bird

  1. M

    Missing Blue Quaker Parrot

    Hi all! I want to report my missing blue Quaker parrot. She is only a little over a year old and she flew out of our home on Chayna Crescent in Maple Ontario. Main intersection is Major Mackenzie and Peter Rupert Drive. If found, please call the two numbers listed below. She responds to her...
  2. K

    Lost bird

    We lost our baby frankie. A 13m old cockatiel. Lost in toms river nj near Silverton are. Happened yesterday morning May 21,2022 around 830am
  3. C

    HELP! I’ve lost my precious budgie!

    Lost parakeet budgie bird, Oliver is still missing since 4/26/21, from Woodlake, Durham, NC. He is green with yellow face and blue tail, tame, likes people, and talks. We are devastated and miss him so much. Please help us bring him home. We hope and pray he is found soon. Mobile 919 694 1465...