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  1. vaporised

    Cockatoo destroying chain links

    Hi there! I have a major mitchell's cockatoo that has recently become obsessed with destroying all of the chain links on her toys, causing everything to fall apart, and she continues playing with the opened chain links. She has always been very interested in all things metal but only recently...
  2. L

    The most safe material for home-made cage, or should I buy a cage one?

    which is the most safe metal for parrot cage or will I buy a enamel covered cage? I have 4 variants: 1. Aluminium (or duraluminium(I know that there is copper)) 2. Nickel plated metals 3. Stainless stell 4. At this moment, my budget is only enough for a 76 x 46 x 46 enamel covered cage...
  3. Photon

    Strange reaction

    My Pineapple was playing with my mom’s ring and had this strange reaction, which he has never had before (see video link below). His head bobbed quickly with his beak open. It happened about 3 times in a row. I was concerned, so I took him away from my mom’s hand as quickly as I could. I...
  4. Shadark

    How to test a cage for zinc/other metals?

    Hello! My SO has read in some instagram account about zinc meshes and that some cockatiels got some zinc poisoning due to them, so she got worried that our little boy Frodo could have the same problem with our current cage. He's currently hospitalized due to some vomiting, crop inflammation...
  5. ZoraKarasu


    Hello! Zora was sneezing with mucus on her nose yesterday. I also noticed she was a bit wobbly since a week. I brought her to the vet and they detected she could have aspergillus/chlymadia. They also said she has fungal plaque in her body. She has some metal bits in her body ( which i think...
  6. Mo Amjad

    DIY toys

    Hey guys can I use these metals as for a toy?.
  7. Arsantiago41

    Urgent Heavy Metal Poisoning - Please help!

    Hello all thank you for reading and responding to my post. It is truly appreciated. Unfortunately two days ago my little baby Lovebird, kiwi, was feeling sick and we quickly realized it was heavy Metal Poisoning. Fortunately we brought him to the vet immediately after we recognized his symptoms...
  8. Flynn

    Metal Smell From Cage

    Hello all. I received a used Prevue Hendryx cage that is made of wrought iron and is powder coated. I washed every piece very thoroughly, but noticed that there's a metallic smell coming from these holes that are in the metal poles. I was wondering what this could be from, and if I should be...
  9. miloandmax

    zinc in my toys? where to find stainless steel

    hiya! so recently i read up on zinc toxicity in birds and read about how to test for zinc using magnets. I tested all of my birds toys and all the metal parts on them are magnetic! so that means it can't be stainless steel or aluminium which are bird safe as far as i know and according to the...
  10. Natalie K Lim

    Urgent Possible Earring Ingestion

    hi there, I’ve already read a few threads about birds possibly eating metal. I have a gcc and he got the back part of my earring and I couldn’t see him because he was behind me so I tried to grab him so that I can get him to drop it (like what I usually do when he grabs small things) but by the...
  11. McBird

    bird safe metals for hooking toys to the cage

    I'm going by Lowes Hardware after work today and picking up some hooks to secure the toys to the cage. what metals should I request? I know nothing with zinc or lead.
  12. Scamperdoo

    Toy Ideas

    I am running out of toy ideas for my Conure, Rio. HELP! He does not like paper no matter the type - bags, boxes, cardboard, toilet paper - even if it has a treat in it. He isn't much on plastic parts either. He likes things made of metal he can open or take apart. - metal rings, etc. He...