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  1. mybirdandi

    911 Injured cockatiel. Help

    Old wound opened up after he fell from his quarantine cage. It’s a pyrostyle injury. I’m worried about the recovery. He’s taking antibiotics since Friday and I’ve started topical ointment today which is why it’s wet. Does it look very concerning ?
  2. mybirdandi

    12 week old cockatiel with various problems. Help?

    I homed a 12 week old cockatiel a week ago. I scheduled a vet appointment to check Toby in for a health check. Turns out he is a little special. Firstly, he has a nasty pygostyle injury and reinjured himself today so it opened. He was given antibiotics 2 days ago which has to be done twice a day...
  3. L

    Need Help On Convincing Clinic to Do X-ray,Really Distressed

    Hello guys, I made a recent post on how I'm severely stressed out about my birds' health (and still am). Their fecal test results came back negative for everything except slight streptococcus,which they said was normal. They were exhibiting subtle symptoms which I considered aligned with Avian...