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mean green cheek conure

  1. Tina&Mill

    Help! Conure terrorizing family members and guests!

    So to start this off, Millie, my pineapple green cheek conure wasnt always mean to people. I have had her for about 4 years now, and for the first year and a half she was the sweetest little angel. I could take her out to socialize with the family (with the other household pets away of course)...
  2. F

    Green Cheek Biting Mate

    I have two Green Cheek Conure, Lewis and Lance. Lewis was my first conure and is about to turn two, which I heard can cause them to behave horribly. After a week of aggressively biting me, even flying to me just to attack, he is finally nice to me again. He broke the skin on my fingers more...
  3. H

    My mama's boy turned into SATAN BIRD FROM HELL! : 0 to 100

    Hello all! i need need NEED ANSWERS! I bought my first baby birdy from Petco (dont come at me) 5 years ago. I named him Birdbird because im awesome at names. He is a Pineapple GCC. I have always loved him. We would go EVERYWHERE together! He loved to snuggle under my sweaters holding onto my...