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lutino fischers

  1. MikoDaBirb

    How are young Female fischers when it comes to taming?

    Hello guys , I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this but I've got me eye on this GORGEOUS 2 month old fischer female. I am planning on taming her but I heard fischers are little bit timid and females are not usually outgoing as males are. So what are your thoughts and tips when it...
  2. Borncountry419

    Are lovebird chicks active?

    So far, 3 of the 6 eggs from my Lutino Fischers pair have hatched. This is my first time breeding lovebirds. I've only bred finches. When you open a finch nesting box, they tend to immediately beg for food. When I open the lovebird box, the babies seem to just bumble in circles with each other...