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lovebird eggs

  1. AussieLovi

    Lovebird egg hatching

    Hi everyone. A very simple and quick question. How do I calculate when lovebird eggs are due to hatch? Is it once all eggs are laid? Or does each egg have 21-24 days from when it is laid, hence making each egg having specific days/dates? So confused! Thanks in advance.
  2. AussieLovi


    Hi, I have two rosy-faced lovebirds and they have laid four eggs. The first was laid the 25th December and none have hatched. I candled them and two showed yellow (dead) and the other two were viable as I could see one move and the veins. It is now day 25 and she is still sitting on them and...
  3. Lucy-Whey

    Is this embryo alive?

    Hi, I candled my lovebird eggs this morning and found one definitely living but the other one I wasn’t so sure about. The veins seem thicker and there was a dark patch. The egg was laid six days ago. Thanks.
  4. Leih

    Looking for dummy

    Does anyone in the US know where I can get plastic dummy eggs for my lovebird? I found one site and they're pricey (because they're porcelain) so thought I'd throw this out here and see.