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lovebird biting

  1. Melophile

    Separated lovebirds/only let one out with the other in its cage after biting me

    So, I have two bonded female lovebirds who have been acting a bit more aggressive lately (I think they're hormonal). Every day I let them out for about 2-3 hours. They like to cuddle but have a tendency of biting any exposed skin. I'll tell them "no" and "stop" if they bite, but let them crawl...
  2. rainbeetle

    Help needed: juvenile lovebird behaviour

    Hello everyone, I'm new, and I need some help from you experienced bird people! :heart2: I recently got a 7-8 weeks old hand fed female lovebird from a breeder, she's my first bird so I'm beginner. I'm currently finishing up her weaning (she eats seeds and pellets by herself all day long, I am...