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  1. Gemmy1057

    I Am At A Loss And Worried About My Budgie… I Need Advice!

    I have some bad news. I came home from work last night to find that Pineapple, my 10 month old female budgie, had passed away in her food dish. My other budgie, Sonny (Male 6M), was guarding her body and trying to nudge her awake. Pineapple was from Petco. I didn’t do enough research which...
  2. DaisyPeach

    Contact Calling

    Hey everyone! I’ve had my bird Bloo for about a year now, and recently he has been loudly contact calling(I think that’s what it is) nonstop. He used to when we first got him, but he soon stopped and hasn’t really done it until the past month. He is very obsessed with a bell toy he has, and he...
  3. Birb Mom

    Birds not Bonding?

    I have two budgies, one named Sky and one named Cloud. I also have a cockatiel named Max. All males. Ever since I got Max, the dynamic between sky and cloud has slowly changed. Cloud has gotten closer to Max and they are now an inseparable pair. anywhere that Max goes, Cloud follows. The only...
  4. Lothetiel

    A second tiel?

    I currently have one cockatiel. He will be 1 in January. I got him at the beginning of quarantine and as we are nearing a possible end of shutdown I am starting to get worried about if my cockatiel will be lonely. Right now we are home a lot so he gets hours and hours and hours of attention...
  5. V

    IRN with budgies

    Hello all! So I have a 4 year old female IRN, had her since she was about 7 weeks old. She's sassy but still very loving and tame and a big talker. Recently with the quarantine, I've been working from so she is out 24/7 and loving it. I'm worried that I head back to work, she'll be lonely...