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lice mites

  1. C

    Alexandrine Parrot scratching

    Hi! I have a 6-month old alexandrine Usually he grooms himself and I’ve seen him calm but today he was scratching some parts of his feathers really fast and intensely that it made me think he might have lice or something? ( he hasn’t had a bath it’s really cold in my country now ) And I can’t...
  2. I

    frantic budgie preening

    hello, since last night, my two budgies have been preening very frantically and agitatedly. i recently bought them a new type of 'chew toy' (if you can call it that) and the frantic preening began that very night. i'm worried that they have mites because bird mites are nocturnal and as soon as...
  3. D

    Urgent Creepy invaders

    Hi I noticed a long skinny black bug crawl under my cockatiels feather. Long...?? 1/32 of an inch I guess...now Im putting it all together...her aggressive preening..especially at the wing joint. I just ordered 8 in 1 ultra care spray for cockatiels. My question is ...what is this? It didn't...