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kidney infection

  1. Mason and Kiwi

    NEED ADVICE: Kidney Disease and Infection (Sad update post #13)

    Note: There is a TLDR at the bottom if you wish to skim or not read everything, but the details are important. Hello everyone. I am sad to say that Kiwi is not doing so great. I noticed on Sunday that she was not as active and as fluffed up as she normally would be. Birds really do act fine...
  2. C

    Urgent Baytril Antibiotics - good or bad?

    Hi, My 5 year old green-cheek conure was recently prescribed Batyril as an antibiotic (2x a day for 6 weeks), because her avian vet (who we have been going to for four years) thinks she has a kidney infection. I've been trying to research this antibiotic, but can't find anything good about it...