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  1. ScarredAngel6

    Thinking of getting a third bird. IRN, Quaker, or Conure?

    I don’t really know which forum to post this so I hope it’s ok to post here, but I have a 3yo Jenday conure and a ~12yo pineapple Green Cheek conure and we want a third baby to our flock. We have 3 different ideas, an Indian Ringneck, a Quaker, or a different conure. We obviously have the most...
  2. niamhk

    is quarantine needed?

    So i’m adopting a jenday conure on sunday. he’ll be joining my current flock and hopefully will bond with my jenday isla. Avery is a year old and has lived with his old owner for most that time. she took him out of a bad situation where he was kept in a dog crate with no attention and a pure...
  3. S

    Need to rehome an aggressive jenday conure

    I need to find a good home for a jenday conure. She is about 5 years old. She has become very aggressive toward people and my other birds. She constantly chases my Sunday conure and goffins cockatoo. I have tried everything I can think of to no avail. I have thought about this for the better...
  4. ScarredAngel6

    Green Cheek and Jenday possible offspring?

    We brought home our female 5 month old Jenday 3 days ago and we're doing the whole quarantine thing from our 7 year old male Green Cheek. We're hoping to make them cage-mates if they get along, but I'm worried about them breeding and producing offspring. I have heard of Sun and Green Cheek...
  5. Dachshund King

    Sun vs jenday conure

    I have a Jenday conure called Amber and a crimson bellied conure called poppy and I'm looking into getting a sun conure. Is there any big difference between a sun and a jenday despite colour? Is a sun conure any louder? Any advice or experience with Sun conures and Jendays will be very helpful...
  6. Dachshund King

    New bird

    Hello all. I have a crimson bellied conure (Poppy) and a jenday conure (Amber). I was thinking of getting another bird but not quite sure which one. I am leaning towards a sun conure as I think a sun conure will be a good flock mate with my jenday. Any other suggestions that might get along with...
  7. EarthToEcho

    Nail Clipping Safety Tips?

    My bird Medoh's nails really need a trimming and while I could go to a vet, he just gets so nervous and shaky when we do that I'm worried for his health. I can do them at home (I have styptic powder and also used to clip dogs nails at my job so I know about the quick and how much to cut off). Is...
  8. EarthToEcho

    Conure Beak Length

    I was wondering how long a conure (a sun or jenday)'s beak should be. I am a very new parront and I still have a lot to learn. My birds beak right now looks like this He's got a vet appointment coming up soon and I want to know if I should get his beak trimmed. Thank you!
  9. EarthToEcho

    What Kind of Bird Am I?

    My bird Echo was sold to me as a Jenday Conure, but as a couple people have pointed out, he doesn't completely look like one. He's ten months old, so he's not completely at his full colors, but he's close. I worked at Petsmart, which is where I met him, and though we sold him as a Jenday, he was...