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jenday conure

  1. M

    Is Jenday Conure make problem for other birds breed??

    Hi, I have budgies, cockatiel and lovebird in same room in difference cages. Now I am interested to purchase Jenday conure. My friend said jenday conure screaming loudly and thats why cockatiel, lovebird and budiges will not breed. I am confused because I paid conure owner advance. Can I keep...
  2. Tangomom

    Chewing on clothes

    Hi - I have a almost 2 year old male Jenday Conure. I am the third owner and do not know a lot about his past. I have had birds before but never a conure. My question is this: Is it normal for birds to chew, bite through your clothes? I am now the proud owner of bird clothes that I only wear...
  3. W

    Paired birds, one plucking the other

    Hello, I have a 6 month old Jenday Conure(Mango, wings clipped) and a 3 month old Female Sun Conure (Zazu,flighted) They are caged separately and supervised when they are out together. They preen each other, the Jenday conure seems to try and feed the Sun Conure without regurgitating, one...
  4. W

    Young Conure Behaviour issues

    Seeking advice, I recently adopted a Jenday conure (born 09/09/2019). She was doing fine with adjusting to her new home at first, being super cuddly and an absolute sweetheart, but after a month I noticed she became hyperactive, screams all the time especially when I leave or enter the room, if...
  5. mangobird

    Conure developing biting behavior

    Hi everyone. I've had my jenday conure Kahlo for about a month now :) He's always been a bit on the timid side, but recently, anytime I put out my finger and ask him to step up, he bites like bloody hell and leaves holes all over my finger :shifty: He always seems to get aggressive when I try to...
  6. S

    Need to rehome an aggressive jenday conure

    I need to find a good home for a jenday conure. She is about 5 years old. She has become very aggressive toward people and my other birds. She constantly chases my Sunday conure and goffins cockatoo. I have tried everything I can think of to no avail. I have thought about this for the better...
  7. mangobird

    New bird mom!

    Hi everyone! My name is Sam. I got my first (indoor) bird last week, he’s a 6 month old Jenday Conure named Kahlo :heart: I’m really new to the indoor bird world, but I have a huge collection of chickens, geese, and ducks already! I’m so excited to learn more from all of you and evolve my crazy...
  8. lil_burdy

    Is my conure okay??

    So my dad has had a jenday conure namer Zeus for about 3 years now, and he’s always seemed pretty healthy. Well, as of recently I’ve noticed he’s been standing with his foot holding onto the side of his head and kind of scratching at his face. I feel like he’s in some kind of pain but I haven’t...
  9. K

    My new jenday

    Hello I have read many of these forums and all tho close, none fit the behavior I'm experiencing with my jenday. I'm not new to birds, but cant say I've ever experienced something like this. I just got my jenday 3 days ago. Didnt get her true back story till after I paid and realized she has...
  10. S

    Confused about my bird

    Hey I am new here.. I just brought my first bird home and the guy who sold it to me said that it's a Sun Conure. He is around 6 months old. Though now when I looked at it closely it looks like Jenday to me.. Really confused about this.. Can someone help me find out what he actually is? Posting a...
  11. ScarredAngel6

    Green Cheek and Jenday possible offspring?

    We brought home our female 5 month old Jenday 3 days ago and we're doing the whole quarantine thing from our 7 year old male Green Cheek. We're hoping to make them cage-mates if they get along, but I'm worried about them breeding and producing offspring. I have heard of Sun and Green Cheek...
  12. parsaxyz

    Should I give my Jenday away?

    Hi all, I have had Turok for about 5 months now, and he is still scared of me and my brother. We never use force, never hit him, never even yelled at him. However, we did buy him from a pet shop (my country doesnt have breeders yet) and I think the constant touching grabbing and possibly...
  13. parsaxyz

    My Jenday Conure

    I am pleased to announce that I have just bought a new Jenday conure! His name is Toruk. From what I’ve been told he’s about 7 months and DOES NOT LIKE BEING PETTED (I’m hoping that’ll change soon) He does not have a ring around his leg making me believe that he is quite likely a wild bird...
  14. Meggie

    Pictures My Photogenic Conure : Marley

    Here are some photos of my handsome boi.
  15. EarthToEcho

    Nail Clipping Safety Tips?

    My bird Medoh's nails really need a trimming and while I could go to a vet, he just gets so nervous and shaky when we do that I'm worried for his health. I can do them at home (I have styptic powder and also used to clip dogs nails at my job so I know about the quick and how much to cut off). Is...
  16. Dachshund King

    Jenday conure name

    I have a crimson bellied conure called poppy and I have just purchased a female jenday conure who I will take home in a couple of weeks. I'm struggling of coming up with a name for her though. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  17. singermanlynne

    The Real Difference between a Sun and a Jenday???

    I need to hear from the experts - YOU ALL! I maybe be adding a little friend and I need the real deal on the difference between a Sun vs a Jenday. Please share your experience. I know they are both loud but is it constant or just at certain times?
  18. KathyU

    New Jenday Conure

    I've been reading this site and it has provided many helpful hints. Thank you all so much. I am a new mom to 'Kona', my Jenday Conure. She is a year old female (I think because the ring around her eyes is more grayish than white), and I never knew such gentle, intelligent, not to mention...
  19. EarthToEcho

    Conure Beak Length

    I was wondering how long a conure (a sun or jenday)'s beak should be. I am a very new parront and I still have a lot to learn. My birds beak right now looks like this He's got a vet appointment coming up soon and I want to know if I should get his beak trimmed. Thank you!
  20. EarthToEcho

    Quill Coloration

    I have a Sunday conure, 10 months, who recently lost a feather and the quill was spotted with brown a bit Does this mean anything? I can post a picture if needed