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  1. SusanS BSNCCRN

    Meet me and my clubbed footed Eurasian Jay

    Hello All! I have just adopted a Eurasian Jay that has one clubbed foot, and a lazy foot. Both require special exercises and splinting though, more splinting on the worse affected, obviously. With a long history of working with Psittacines, I gladly adopted this brainiac of the wild bird world...
  2. Katie H

    Correlation between intelligence and tameness?

    Hi all, Long time lurker , but finally set up an account to ask a question. Are larger or more intelligent species more likely to remember their training for longer? I spent weeks training my 2 budgies to be hand tame and less fearful. And I've occasionally had to leave for work for a week...
  3. Loomish

    Super Interesting! Does your bird do this?

    So, I just recently bought my baby girl Athena at age 5mos, we bonded instantly (aside from the hand phobia) but the weirdest thing has been happening. I have had night terrors since I was 9, where I will wake up sub consciously and yell or seem like I am in grave danger, I used to break things...
  4. Veggielover

    Smart egg layer

    So, my pearl pied cockatiel layed her second egg ever today. The first had a hole in the egg. So marshy took some paper that I had put in the cage and closed the egg's hole with paper and water. I'm beyond amazed at how intelligent this little bird is. Have any of you experienced anything...