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injured leg

  1. BasilBird

    My baby budgies leg might be disabled. What can I do?

    Hi again! We had baby budgies hatching about 2 weeks ago, and we have recently realized that the middle ones leg looks a little off. He doesn't bend it at all, it just sticks out at the back. I can carefully bend it in place without him feeling any pain, but it won't stay in that position. Can I...
  2. K

    Urgent Injured love bird

    Hi I’m new here and very worried I have 2 love birds called Fiji and ki. I used to have one called trevor and he passed away from an incident that caused to much shoc 3 years ago which broke my heart and since then I’ve always been extremely paranoid to make sure my birds are always okay...
  3. L

    Urgent Lovebirds leg injured HELP!

    Hello to everybody, on Tuesday evening I have discovered my lovebirds leg was injured: there was some blood around her nail and coloring of her skin around it was hard yellow color. I disinfected it right away, but don’t know what more can be done. I also don’t understand until now what exactly...