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  1. R

    Sneezing cockatoo

    Hi for the past few days my cockatoo has been sneezing more often than normal my room is decently dusty as he wont bath or shower under any means so thats one of my suspicions but my worst case is a fungal infection as mould grew in a dark corner of his cage (i removed it quickly) and i also had...
  2. S

    Urgent Apollo looks very sick.

    He is acting totally out of character. Usually he is quite noisy and loves to run around and yell at me but today he has been dead silent. He threw up twice and his poop is discoloured. It looks red/orange. I gave him carrots the other day but he might’ve gotten into some sweets of mine I had on...
  3. S

    kakariki behaviour

    can anyone explain why my kakariki sits like this? he whimpers a lot and sits a an unusual position. is he ill?
  4. Jxdeeyy

    Big poop from ill budgie

    So, my female budgie has been on antibiotics and an anti inflammatory for a few days since it’s suspected she might have a respiratory infection. I’ve been giving her her medicines fine and she has been her usual self other than the respiratory symptoms. However tonight she was making this noise...
  5. maounm

    6 weeks old greenwing macaw

    Hello everyone i am new here and i need help. I have a 6 weeks 3 days old Greenwing macaw and i have been handfeeding him tropican 125ml 3 times a day. I crop feed him with a psittacus red soft tube. I add about half tea spoon of peanut butter in every feed. Is my feeding schedule alright? He...
  6. P

    Urgent Albino budgie constipated?

    My albino budgie is acting weird and I am worried. She hasn't acted like this before. She is puffed up and seems to be squealing to force something out. She is still preening from time to time. Not talking much either. She seems alert though. Has her head down most of the time. Seven years old...
  7. A

    Urgent Sick Parrotlet! Odd Behavior!

    Recently I noticed that whenever I took my parrotlet out to play he decided to sleep instead. An he started sleeping in odd places like my vanity and nightstand. There's nothing to perch on there... Today he was on my shoulder and suddenly started flicking his head back and forth. Then he...
  8. M

    Dark ring around nares?

    I noticed this darkness around Rainbow’s nares the other day and was wondering if I should be concerned. I live in humid Florida and take her into the shower as well as keep her room always at a pleasant temperature. I know birds are super good at hiding when they don’t feel good which is why I...
  9. Rain Bow

    Help! Seasoned Parronts - First Aid Kit

    Hi! I'm trying to put together a first aid kit for my Buddy. After a spooked crash right after 2 major holidays it occurred to me that every birdy family should have one. Why didn't we have one???? Every time I've placep an internet order since then, I try to purchase something for it...
  10. sama5sama

    My cockatiel won't eat and is constipated, help?

    Hello all, I own two cockatiels, both males, brothers and are roughly 1 year old. For the entire year i've had them, they appeared to be healthy, tamed them both by the 2nd month. Got the birds after a death of a loved cockatiel, which died last summer after weeks of diahhrea. One of my birds...
  11. L

    Help please! Limp cockatiel

    Hey i'm new to this so I hope i'm posting in the correct area! Lutino Male 7 years Super Tame My cockatiel has been completely fine, he was completely fine in the morning before i went to work and when i came back he was at the bottom of his cage! Both of his legs just do not move properly...