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home made

  1. S

    Preserving home made items

    Hey y’all! I have been doing a little digging and finding recipes I’d like to make for my growing flock, my only issue is I am the mother of a toddler who is like a sheep herding dog and wants me to be near him at all times. This limits how often I can prepare birdy biscuits and all these...
  2. rocky'smom

    Pictures Rain stick forging toys (Paper towel tubes)

    I go thru scads of paper towels for my 2, the clinic goes thru 5 times as much. What do you do with all those tubes? Make forging toys with them. What you will need: Paper towel tubes (for medium sized birds) Scissors A long large eyed needle Jute or hemp rope Some newspaper pieces for...
  3. rocky'smom

    Pictures Lunch Bag Forging Toy

    @Rolanda Lunch Bag Forging toy What you will need: Old fashion brown paper lunch bags ( online you can smaller type bags that are just like these) Jute or hemp rope $ Tree shred Hole punch Embellishments: paper/ plastic straws, pony beads, parrot candy from TnT, loofa slices, wooden beads, vine...
  4. rocky'smom

    Sweet Pea's new shredder toy (Home Made)

    this is Sweet Pea's Valentine gift from mom. easy to make and to replace the shred material. Look at that STINK eye, cuz I took it out of the cage to take a picture. LOL she has already shredded the zig zag. piercing that hanging parts