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holiday prep

  1. cherrytea

    Festive Cookies... for birds?

    Hello all, I want to do some holiday baking as gifts for a few friends with birds. Does anyone has any festive cookie recipes to treat a bird?
  2. taxidermynerd

    How Do You Guys Celebrate Halloween with Your Birds?

    Hi everyone! Halloween is coming in just a few hours, and soon enough we'll all be drowning in candy and treats. So since birds can't have candy, how do you guys celebrate with your flock? I figure millet is a given. This is gonna be my first Halloween with Chirp, so I'm looking for some ways...
  3. Reggie

    Budgie Halloween Prep?

    This may be very premature, but I'm obsessed with fall and Halloween, and wanted to include my birds in on the festivities! I wanted to know what kinds of things I can do to get my flock excited for the 31st? What kinds of holiday things do you do with your budgie? Are there bird costumes? Do...