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  1. Barakon

    Is basil a safe perch option?

    For much needed context; I have taken out a dead basil plant from my back yard and cut out the dried up roots, thinking I could save it for later as a perch. I already washed in my bathtub with boiling water and also want to use a mixture of distilled clear vinegar, water, and lemon juice as its...
  2. BirdLady13

    Basil, Kale & Lettuce

    I didn't realize how many varieties of basil, kale, and lettuce there were until I started digging into gardening (see what I did there :smuggrin:). Can anyone confirm which ones are safe for flock consumption? Thai Basil Genovese Basil Purple Basil Napolitano Basil Marseille Basil Lemon Basil...
  3. aquagreen

    Indoor herb garden?

    Hi everyone. This will start off sounding like a health post, apologies--I promise it is about food. So, I've always been very careful with my bird's diet...but I messed up by accidentally giving her too many Nutriberries. I know better than to feed seed but I didn't realize I was overdoing it...