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  1. BirdWorld


    Today Cinnamon, one of my chickens, passed away. :sad5: Some of you might remember her as the same hen who has had respiratory issues in the past. A few days ago I noticed she had a small cough. I didn't really think much of it until the nest day when it got worse. I called a vet, bought some...
  2. Circling

    Two New Friends

    Hello All! It's good to be with you. My new companions are a pair of female Cut-throat Finches. Fortunately, I discovered a large local bird store in Florida, and they were very helpful when the birds picked me! These are the smallest birds I've had the pleasure of knowing.
  3. Beki lou

    Scaly face ino

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone would know how long it should be until I see a result from the treatment my ino hen if having for scaly face. I’ve done the whole flock but she’s obviously effected worst. Looks like a raised scar on her eye bless her. Just wondering when I should see some...
  4. S

    Phantom pregnancy?

    Hi there! Yesterday I brought home 3 canaries (a hen, buttercup and two cocks, prince and chase) for breeding. I still need to get another hen, but thats besides the point. Yesterday all 3 were happily flying around my aviary, all very active and seemingly healthy. This morning I went into the...
  5. E

    Developing Bald Spot? (NOT Plucking)

    hello Everyone - Seeking any input or possible information regarding my dear girls developing bald spot. I've never had an Ekkie before so I am unfamiliar with visual signs and whether they may indicate cause for concern or if this is part of a normal molting process.... She is ~ 5-6 months old...
  6. Tsubasa

    Stopping hen from laying more eggs after 1st one

    The parronts of my cockatiel family is living in their own cage and I was trying to avoid putting newspapers simply for covering the droppings but she has been very active, not eating like usual and the male in attack mode (biting harder than usual). It was very obvious that she was going to lay...