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  1. S

    heat mat for baby quaker

    can i use a reptile heat mat?
  2. Papaya24


    Hi everyone, I am looking for a smart heater that I can control on my phone and connect to Wifi. Has anyone used this heater before? The company had repeatedly stated they do not use Teflon in this heater.
  3. M

    Can i use this heater my bird room

    can this type heater safe for bird?can i used it my bird room?
  4. M

    Which Room Heater I Use For Birds???

    Hi, I want to know about Heat lamp for parakeet. Which heat bulb or lamp is best for parakeets??? Can I use normal room heater for them or only I should use infrared heat lamp or bulb??? Many bird shop's owner suggest me to use this (see pictures) Does using this infrared heaters or...
  5. Joe Henderson


    does anyone use the radiant heat panels or the ones that go on the ceiling ?? I can’t find any reviews from people with birds on the ceiling radiant heat panel they are suppose to be good they use them in hot yoga I bought one made my cozy for chicken coups but it smells like something leaked...
  6. K

    New Furnace

    My landlord had a new (central air) gas furnace (Arcoaire brand) installed after the last one failed. It began running 10/12. My birds have been kept at my parents since then (10 days today). The horrible chemical smell seems gone. The vent air smells 'hot' if that makes sense. The house smells...