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head trauma

  1. Vecna19x

    Head Trauma, excessive thirst and regurgitation

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, just made an account because we're desperate and I don't know who and where to ask anymore. Last week my quaker, Apollo, had a house incident which resulted in head trauma. X-rays showed nothing broken, he has no respiratory issues and no motor issues. We brought him...
  2. Anna Bono

    Urgent Lovebird has watery poops after accident

    Hi everyone! So lovely to meet everyone here. I have a very sweet, 11 month old Peach-Faced Lovebird. He is so full of energy and loves people. About two months ago, he had an accident where he was crushed in a drawer (the drawer was closing as he flew to it). We didn’t think he’d make it out...
  3. L

    Urgent Help! Budgie flew into ceiling fan-permanent damage?

    Help! I have 2 six month budgies. They are my everything. They love to fly and have tons of freedom. I unfortunately forgot that the cage was open and was working on my computer when one of them got out and flew directly into the ceiling fan while it was on high speed. She immediately fell to...
  4. Y

    Polyuria after head trauma

    I have a 10 mnth old female kakariki who was in an accident 8 days ago - in a real-life version of my absolute worst nightmare, she got under my feet and I stepped on her head. She lost consciousness until we arrived at the emergency vet (about five minutes from the accident, I live around the...