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  1. Ned TJ

    22-day gap in eggs

    Hello everyone. Hoping for some insight of what complications may arise. Kiwi and Buddy are on their 1st clutch. They are 5 and 2 1/2yr old Conures. Kiwi has laid 5 eggs to date, my problem is the huge gap in egg laying. The ages of the eggs and events Egg 1- 22 days old (She started laying on...
  2. Zara

    Video Lots of cheeping in the park today

    I have spent the afternoon at my local park (my favourite place) with my parents who are here on holiday, there was plenty of cheeping, it´s such a sweet sound! I saw a good 50+ tiny weeny little chicks. I have made a couple of clips to share the cuteness! And today I only told off two...
  3. S

    Pictures i don’t know if my lovebird egg is gonna hatch

    i need help, my beautiful lovebird laid 3 eggs, 2 of them are infertile and one of them look like it’s fertile but i don’t know if it’s going to hatch.
  4. monique yaoyao

    help needed

    hello bird lovers! i hope someone can help me. i have a breeding pair that lays 4 eggs during last week. they are a proven pair. today we found papa dead in cage.. we noticed already the last few days he wasnt feeling well. we live in the philippines so there are no vets for bird here.... mom is...
  5. C

    New and in need of advice

    Hi! I found a great tailed crackle egg in my front yard. I have no way of finding it's nest. What do I so with it especially if it hatches?!