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  1. Melophile

    Separated lovebirds/only let one out with the other in its cage after biting me

    So, I have two bonded female lovebirds who have been acting a bit more aggressive lately (I think they're hormonal). Every day I let them out for about 2-3 hours. They like to cuddle but have a tendency of biting any exposed skin. I'll tell them "no" and "stop" if they bite, but let them crawl...
  2. Skyandkiwi

    Are cucumbers safe for budgies?

    Hello, So my birds are moulting and I want to give them cucumbers because I heard it’s very hydrating and is good for feathering. Although, I have read somewhere that the seeds are bad for them and that you must remove the seeds because it can make your bird “sick”. I have seen many people give...