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  1. aniboo

    New rainbow lorikeet HELP!

    I have a new rainbow lorikeet that I got from a breeder near me. He’s not afraid of hands, and will step up sometimes, but he immediately wants to be put down once he steps up. He isn’t afraid of my presence, but he won’t play with me at all. He will eat nectar from my finger, as long as he’s on...
  2. G

    Hand Training - GCC

    I have had my Untame green cheek conure for about a month now and he seems to have settled in quite well. He is out of his cage everyday the whole time I am home and in cage for when I am at work (about 8 hours.) Has a few toys to play with, chew and foraging. I have been working on trying to...
  3. _aryxn_

    My Bird is still scared of my hand!

    I have an Indian Ringneck that I got when it was around 8 weeks or 2 months old. He is currently 9 months old. He can talk, He can whistle and sometimes sing too! He is generally friendly (other than his really annoying cage aggression), He is not very cuddly but sometimes he does let me cuddle...
  4. S

    Bird afraid of hands

    Hi guys! My cousin got a sweet parrotlet recently (about a month or 2 ago). He offers him treats and he likes to stay on his shoulder, but doesnt step up and retreats in his cage when approached with only a hand without food. Is this normal? Are there any little tricks that could help him be...
  5. VelocirapGirl

    Continue what I'm doing or not?

    So some might know I have a lovebird. Now, he is still scared of hands. Grab a snack since it'll be a long post. So when I first got him I made the mistake of putting my hands in the cage the very first day when I should've left him alone to settle. The next day I got his wings clipped because...
  6. Umbra

    Pineapple Conure - At my wits end

    Hi everyone! I'm a recent addition to these forums. My flock consists of two rescued house sparrows (Keelo and Pippin) and a pineapple green cheek (Ollie). If you'd like to hear our story and meet them I posted pictures and the story of the sparrows up on Welcome Lane. I came here to this...