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  1. LarryBird

    NEW PRODUCT Finally! Halloween Specials and a Free Video Tutorial for you & your birbs!

    We've got something for you and your birds: click the orange picture below to see our full offering! Avian Avenue members can use promo code AA10 for 10% off! For the birbs... have you ever wanted your pet birds to wear a Halloween costume? We have just released our free tutorial video on...
  2. LarryBird

    SALE Spooky Specials coming on Saturday October 9!

    Hi AA Friends! Something spooky is coming to cockatielshop.com on Saturday October 9 at Noon (New York Time) for parents of cockatiels and non-cockatiels! - For the birds (birbs): A free video tutorial on how to make a touch-less "costume" for your bird and a new Amazon book that contains over...
  3. hrafn

    Bringing Taco to work?

    Has anyone ever brought their fid(s) to work with them? What are the things to consider? I had the idea to dress as a pirate this hallowe'en and bring Taco along as me first mate (to the surprise of no one, lol) but I don't want to do anything that could cause him undue stress. I work in...
  4. Parakeet88

    GCC spooky halloween!

    Ben's tiny Halloween was a success! He'll do anything for walnuts lol Thanks to @Danita for the little candies and owls! I swear I didn't do it! lol The best perch?
  5. taxidermynerd

    How Do You Guys Celebrate Halloween with Your Birds?

    Hi everyone! Halloween is coming in just a few hours, and soon enough we'll all be drowning in candy and treats. So since birds can't have candy, how do you guys celebrate with your flock? I figure millet is a given. This is gonna be my first Halloween with Chirp, so I'm looking for some ways...
  6. Reggie

    Budgie Halloween Prep?

    This may be very premature, but I'm obsessed with fall and Halloween, and wanted to include my birds in on the festivities! I wanted to know what kinds of things I can do to get my flock excited for the 31st? What kinds of holiday things do you do with your budgie? Are there bird costumes? Do...