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  1. G

    Hahns Macaw Breathing Problem

    Hi, a few weeks ago mine and my partners hahns macaw named Winston started with a sudden onset of laboured breathing, he seemed fine other than this breathing which was very loud. On the way to the vets it suddenly stopped but we still gave him his full course of antibiotics. Just yesterday the...
  2. Lauren_sim

    Step up training

    I want to work on step up training but I’m worried it’s too soon, chilli is a parent reared Hahns macaw, who I’ve had a little over a month now. He’s target trained and on a pellet diet (still working on veggies). He’ll take treats from my hand in and out of the cage, however, if there’s no...
  3. Lauren_sim

    Urgent Red feet

    I came home today and my Hahns macaws feet appeared a little red, predominantly his left foot. The soles of his feet were normal this morning and I was only away for 2hours when I noticed it. hes around 5 months old and was curious if you had any ideas what could be causing it. I’m going to...
  4. Wendz

    Newby to Avian Avenue !!

    Hi Everyone, my name is Wendy from sunny South Africa, my little soul mate is a Hahns Macaw :hahns: called "BIRD". Finally I have found a community that shares good honest advice am so looking forward to my journey through Avian Avenue with you all.
  5. Valorous


    Hello I desperately need help. I got my first bird (a male Hahns macaw of 6 months) about 4 weeks ago. He was the sweetest, friendliest bird... up til four days ago. Now he bites all the time and really hard too. He bites my fingers and my face and clings on, it has bled 3 times. He gets...
  6. Valorous

    hello from me and hahns

    Hello! I am a new bird owner (got my Hahns male four weeks ago) and therefore I am going to need a lot of advice from people in my 'journey' of caring for my baby. I was recommended this page so here I am!
  7. A

    Looking to adopt in Va, NC Area

    In search of a Mini Macaw - Hahns, Severe, etc. Willing to travel and pay a moderate adoption fee. Parrot experienced home. Currently Birdless and lonely
  8. Barnaby Rose

    Anybody own a Hahns Macaw...?

    Hey guys... So the decision has come down to either an Amazon (Panama Amazon).. Or a little Hahns. The lady I am communicating with has both babies available and is VERY reputable, so no worries there. Here's the thing, there is obviously a ton of information out there on the Hahns, and I swear...