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  1. Birdman696

    Eggs infertile?

    Hi, so my pair of elegant parrots have been sitting on their eggs for over a week now and I decided I’d candle the eggs just to see, when I did there was no sign of how fertile eggs usually look, it was just yellow and maybe something darker in the middle but none of the red vein things that it...
  2. Peri-Keet

    Is my Red Rump ugly?

    I have a baby Red Rumped parakeet/parrot who I love dearly, but everyone who I show pictures of him to is saying he's "kinda ugly" or "the ugly duckling". It happens usually after I show them pictures of mature red rumps, or other red rumps with more iridescent colors. I'm still unsure if he'll...
  3. Z

    What is the name of this scarlet chested mutation?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and scarlets. Unfortunately, this guy's mate was killed by a predator. He's in prime condition and I don't have another female for him. Does anyone know the name of his mutation and how much he's worth should I decide to sell him? He's been raised in an aviary with...