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golden conure

  1. B

    GoldenConure Enlarged Heart

    Hi all. Our male Golden Conure died yesterday and he was younger than 5 years old (hatch date 06/06/18). We got him from Omar’s in So Cal as original owners. He had always been healthy with high energy and no issues. He was fine in the morning, at lunchtime he didn’t each much and by dinner he...
  2. Daniela M.

    Rehoming Queen of Bavaria

    Hello, I’m new to the forum but I am looking for a trustworthy community of bird lovers to help me rehome my beloved Goldn Conure. She is a DNA sexed female, about 1.5 years old named Limon (lemon in Spanish) She is one of the sweetest and most loyal birds I’ve met. She will take her time...
  3. T

    Introducing a new bird to a quaker parrot

    Hello! I currently have a one-year old quaker parrot (and no other pets) whom I love dearly. His name is Tico :) I was thinking about getting a Golden Conure at some point in the future (maybe in the next year or two), but I was wondering if anyone has experience introducing a golden conure (or...
  4. Bailey87

    Urgent Golden conure baby

    I have a golden conure baby, about 6 months old. A little history. On September 18th, she saw the vet for true diarrhea and was put on doxycycline (I believe) for 30 days. It cleared up relatively quickly. About two weeks ago, she sneezed three times, once was wet. I added a vaporizer close to...